These terms and conditions apply as standard to all work unless otherwise stated in your specific terms and conditions on your quotations or job specific documents.

Warranty & Preventative Maintenance

All supplied/installed goods come with a manufacturer’s warranty that will be detailed on your quotation and passed onto the client as long as the below conditions are followed and/or met

- All associated equipment, parts and materials come with a parts and labour warranty subject to the terms below.

Our Standard Warranty:

1 year parts and labour (unless otherwise stated). Extended Warranties are sometimes available on request and these are to be charged at an additional sum.

- Once invoices are paid in full our invoices will form the warranty certification and will be valid from the commissioning date unless prior written agreement to produce a specific Warranty Certificate is agreed.

- Warranties apply on parts/systems that have evidence of fair wear and tear with regular and professional servicing. We will exclude the repair of damage or faults caused by abuse, site misuse or external factors caused by third parties, or if a third-party contractor works on the system without our written permission or if the equipment has not been used within the correct operating parameters.

- Our warranty is conditional on the equipment being regularly serviced and maintained by ProtoCool Limited.

- Warranties can be transferred to third parties in exceptional circumstances.

- ProtoCool Ltd. reserves the right to not transfer any equipment warranties to third parties.

- ProtoCool Ltd. offers a full range of maintenance and service agreements tailored to meet all requirements to keep your system(s) under warranty. Should this be of interest to you then please contact us for further details.

- Please note: Quotes for Servicing/Maintenance do not include any additional time to diagnose or repair system(s), if there is found to be a fault on our visit. These additional costs will be quoted and will need approving via written confirmation before we carry out any diagnostics work on our service visit (if the engineer has the time and skill set to carryout diagnostic work).

- If you have a fault situation with the system(s) that you believe to be under warranty you must contact us as soon as possible and the equipment must not be worked on/serviced by a third party without our written consent.

- Your Warranty may be void if any of these conditions are broken.

Site conditions (to be provided by the client)

- Our on-site staff require clear and safe access at all times.

- Costs are based upon works being carried out during normal working hours in one continuous period free of other trades and hazards, unless otherwise agreed in writing. If access is denied or deemed hazardous the job will be aborted and costs will be applied (Please see Aborted Visits below).

- Adequate lighting, hot water, site power and welfare facilities are to be continuously provided by the client free of charge for the duration of our time on site.

- On sites where waste bins or skips are not provided, we cannot guarantee that all waste materials can be cleared from site immediately although we will endeavour to clear all waste materials as practically and as quickly as possible.

- We require system power supplies to be safe, compliant and ready at the time of installation, installed local to our control panels/systems to avoid additional chargeable visits to site to commission (Please see Aborted Visits below).

- If we cannot discharge our condensate drains to an agreed external location the main contractor / home owner may need to provide plumbing connection to main waste drainage.

- We must be informed of any special site rules 48 hours prior to our engineers visit. If our staff are delayed or are not able to carry out agreed works due to access not being granted our abort costs will be incurred (Please see Aborted Visits below).

Planning Permission:

In our experience every council is different and so it is important to establish the local guidance prior to placing an order with us. Professional advice must be obtained by the client. ProtoCool cannot provide professional advice on planning permission related issues or any other associated planning concern that maybe required to install the system(s) please seek professional advice above and beyond our communications regarding unit locations. We will provide you with all the information required to discuss any application that may be required.

Noise and Vibration:

- Any advice is based on our field experience only, we are not professional acoustic specialists and cannot be held responsible for any complaints generated due to noise or vibrations our system may cause. If you find that you would like to lower the noise/vibration of an installed system or would like to re-locate a system due to noise or vibration or indeed a third party complaint these costs will be chargeable and quoted for in addition to our quoted figures.

- Acoustic housing solutions can be provided at additional costs and are provided on request. Specialist contractors can be consulted to provide options but these costs are not included in our costs unless specifically listed and will be quoted and charged to the client in addition to our costs.

- Noise and vibration are considered on our site survey and at the design stage but please make sure that you are happy with the details, the specifications and the conversations we have provided before placing an order, ProtoCool cannot be held responsible for any associated costs or damages due to a noise or vibration complaint.

Exclusions unless otherwise stated:

- System(s) Main Power Supply:

- These items are to be treated as excluded unless specifically listed as included.

- Any plumbing works to connect our drains to the buildings mains drains. Our condensate drains are to be installed by us to an agreed location, often to an external location to drain away naturally

Building works:

- Including painting, decorating, contract drilling, carpentry.

- Please note: minor works maybe carried out by us as part of our scope of works if discussed and agreed in writing.

- Crane hire.

- Lifting equipment over 3m.

- Fire proofing removal and re-installation.

- Fixed scaffolding.

- Floor or wall protection, we provide dust sheets but if additional protection is required then a quote will be required separate to our costs and generally carried out by the main contractor.

- Providing a safe storage area for equipment and materials if written confirmation of a secure storage has been given to us prior then all goods stored on site are the responsibilities of the home/business owner.

- Any other works not specifically included in this quotation.

- Contract Cleaning.

General Terms & Conditions 2020:

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.

- Please be advised we have only allowed for the work as detailed in the scope of works laid out on our quotations and any additional works requested or required will be deemed to be a variation. Variations will be quoted and charged for separately.

- If a job start date has been delayed for reasons out of our control, our orders are placed and the goods are in stock or on site then we will need to amend the payment schedule to suit this delay and invoicing may be brought forward.

- All materials supplied will remain the property of ProtoCool Ltd. until paid for in full.

- Project durations & extended lay-off periods: we have allowed for a reasonable timeframe to complete our quoted project. Variations will be incurred and invoiced separately if the project is delayed beyond a reasonable timeframe, unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to the job commencing.

- All quoted prices are subject to a site survey by a ProtoCool Ltd. Manager.

- We reserve the right to charge for additional costs incurred through site conditions or delays which are out of our control (Please see Aborted visits below).

- Product Loss Insurance or Loss of Trade is not included and we recommend that the Client makes their own arrangements for adequate cover for stock/ equipment/materials stored on site.

- All quotations are valued at net and will not be subject to Main Contractors Discounts and/or Retentions unless agreed in writing prior to placing of orders.

- Payment terms are max 30 days from date of invoice unless agreed otherwise in writing or detailed on quotation invoice. Late payments may incur an administration charge.

- Any invoice query must be reported within 48 hours of receiving your invoice.

- ProtoCool Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on invoiced fees overdue by more than seven days in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998 (as amended).

- Equipment is subject to lead times. Confirmation of lead times will be provided upon receipt of order.

- Deposits are required to secure equipment purchase and are generally non-refundable, deposits may be refundable at the company’s discretion and dependent on job cancellation terms.

Case Studies:

- ProtoCool Ltd use photographs/videos of our installations for case study examples and may do this without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. ProtoCool Ltd may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, used or contracted by ProtoCool Ltd including but not limited to: brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, television, websites, etc.

- Any person or Company who does not wish to have their installation recorded for distribution should make their wishes known to the photographer and/or make us aware of any restrictions, please call us on 0118 971 0559 to discuss further or to opt out. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We will of course abide by the official secrets act and private residences will be treated with the utmost respect and privacy.

- Revision 2020: In line with the new GDPR legislation we will ask for permission to use our photos for advertising purposes if the photos contain any personal or sensitive data.


- To keep in line with inflation we anticipate a rise in our annual service agreements to be between 5-10% each year, these will be reviewed annually and highlighted separately.

Cancellations and Aborted Visits:

Installation Projects

If you need to cancel your order a re-stocking charge of the equipment sale value will be invoiced on returnable items only.

- Non returnable items or items that are unboxed that cannot be cancelled/returned will be invoiced in full to you and will be due within your agreed payment terms.

- If an installation project needs to be cancelled/postponed we need 7 days prior to the start date otherwise an abort charge will be invoiced to cover our costs.

- Any deposits taken will be used to cover any associated losses due to cancellations or aborted visits.

Service Projects

Pre-paid amounts are non-refundable.

- If a deposit is paid and the work does not go ahead for reasons out of our control, our associated costs (labour and any restocking etc) will be deducted from the sum.

- If a service job is to be cancelled/postponed we need 48hours notice to reschedule our engineers time table.

Aborted visits:

- £250+vat for a single Call Out engineer.
- £500+vat for a single engineer, single day Project.
- £750+vat per 2 man Project team booked in for a day (plus parking and expenses).

If a job is aborted by the client or ourselves, without the correct notice period (48 hours) an invoice will be generated to cover our abort costs.

Reasons why we would need to abort a visit:-

- Health and Safety.
- Incorrect information provided by the Client.
- Critical concerns over the integrity of installation.
- Additional travel time maybe charged depending on your location.
- Any hire equipment arranged that cannot be cancelled will be invoiced at our sale value.
- Any other costs incurred.

(Revision 01/02/2022)