Mulberry Vets

Mulberry Vets
Commercial Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Heat Recovery
Project length:
8 Weeks

This property required a comprehensive air control system throughout its entirety. This involved a MVHR system for air quality, and an air conditioning system for temperature control.

A Nuaire MVHR system was selected to intake fresh outdoor air, filter it, and then distribute it as needed. Whilst doing this, the unit also extracts all stale air. The result is a healthy and well ventilated environment, great for defending against lingering odours.

For temperature control, sleek Daikin 'Stylish' systems were chosen for the reception areas. These popular units seamlessly integrate with most decors. Toshiba 'Mirai' units were selected for the other areas as a more cost effective option.

The end result here was a completely controllable indoor climate for Mulberry Vets. With these systems they can benefit from a comfortable, well ventilated workspace all year round.

We continue to visit Mulberry Vets for service visits, ensuring the systems are running safely and efficiently. As we are part of Daikin's accredited installation team, they also benefited from an extended 7 year warranty.

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