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PROJECTS - Mulberry Vets

Mulberry Vets
Commercial Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Heat Recovery
8 Weeks

ProtoCool took on this project at Mulberry Vets that saw a comprehensive air control system installed throughout their whole building. This included a mechanical heat recovery and ventilation system for air quality, and an air conditioning solution for heating and cooling.

A Nuaire system was chosen for heat recovery, intaking fresh air from outdoors, filtering, and distributing it through the building, whilst simultaneously extracting stale air into the outdoors. The result is a healthy, well ventilated environment for all, as well as a line of defence against unwanted lingering odours.

For temperature control, wall-mounted Daikin 'Stylish' units were chosen for the reception areas, seamlessly integrating with the decor and providing a comfortable environment for visitors. Toshiba 'Mirai' units were chosen for the working and accommodation areas, as a more cost-effective option.

The result of this project was a completely controllable indoor climate for Mulberry Vets, with them able to benefit from a well ventilated work space and temperature control all year round, creating a comfortable and productive environment for staff, guests, and the all important pets.

We continue to visit Mulberry Vets to clean and service their systems, ensuring they're running safely and efficiently. As ProtoCool are part of Daikin's accredited installers scheme, they also benefit from an extended 7 year manufacturers warranty.

If you would like to find out more about how MVHR's work, please visit our Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery page.

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