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How much does air conditioning cost to run & install?

Running Costs:

Do you love the idea of a comfy air conditioned home, but hate the idea of sky high electricity bills?

Let's be honest, air conditioning doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to running costs, but we assure you that things have changed drastically for the better.

‍Old motors used to stop and start each time a target temperature was reached. Instead of this, new, smarter motors now increase and decrease their speed, without coming to a complete stand still. This change eliminates large amounts of wasted energy that was a result of continuous restarting.

Below, we’ve put together a table based on information provided by Daikin, an air conditioning market leader, to give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay per year in running fees.

These figures are based on a single 2.5KW unit, running at 0.12 pence per KWH.  

There are of course lots of factors that will affect the running costs, factors like; how big is the room? Are you using the air conditioning to cool or heat? And, did you remember to close the bathroom window?

We understand that it’s reassuring to have at least a ballpark figure, though. If you have any questions or if you would like a quote from us, then give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Installation costs:

Now that you know how much your air conditioning could cost to run each year, let’s talk installation fees.

Again, installation fees vary and depend on factors such as the pipe run length (the distance between the indoor and outdoor unit), the power output, and the model of the unit. And ducted systems, of course, are more expensive than wall mounted systems.

Our table below is based on a 2.5 KiloWatt system, the most commonly used in domestic installations.

Please note that prices exclude VAT at 20%.

It’s worth mentioning some of the features of our installations that we think set us apart from the competition, like:

  • Expertly concealed pipework
  • Qualified electrician work to avoid nuisance tripping
  • Internal and external power isolation
  • Our own engineers and project managers
  • A friendly, in-house office support team, to answer all of your queries throughout the process

We believe that the only time we should have to make a return trip after an installation, is to complete the first service appointment - which is complimentary.

To book a free site survey or to find out more, please call or send us a message, we will be happy to help.

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