Air Conditioning and COVID-19: Problem or Solution?

The comfort and safety of those we're responsible for is paramount, so where does that leave us when it comes to air conditioning and Covid-19?

Over the past few months we've received many questions from our network regarding air conditioning and the use of ventilation systems..We've created this page so that we can continue to put forward our best advice, as well as compile information from trusted third parties so that you can inform yourselves and move forward confidently during this uncertain time.

Generally there have been two parts to official advice:

1. Good ventilation, which can be provided by Air Conditioning, is an important factor in reducing the spread of Covid-19.

2. Regular servicing and maintenance of ventilation systems is a must.Down below are highlights taken from the official statements of three trusted bodies in our industry, WHO, HSE, and the BESA. Please refer to them for clarification and if you wish, follow the links for further reading.

What next?

If you require more guidance we suggest you speak to us directly so we can advise you on the next steps you may want to consider.ProtoCool is fully operational at this time and we are taking all necessary precautions to meet the guidance on safe working practices.For any enquiries please call 0118 440 2007, email, or send us an enquiry using the form at the bottom of this page.

What are WHO saying?

"Air conditioning and ventilation are considered effective control strategies for preventing workplace infection. If a ventilation system is well maintained the risk of transmission should not be significant. By well maintained, we mean that the system is inspected periodically, the most efficient filters are used, the filters are changed according to manufacturer recommendations, and the duct systems are cleaned periodically"

"Air conditioning and ventilation systems that are well-maintained and operated should not increase the risk of virus transmission."

"All air conditioning and industrial ventilation systems for both residential and high occupancy buildings (government buildings, schools, hotels, and hospitals) should be inspected, maintained, and cleaned regularly to prevent transmission."

Health and Safety Executive

      What are HSE saying?

"Good ventilation can help reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus, so focus on improving general ventilation, preferably through fresh air or mechanical systems."

"The risk of air conditioning spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) in the workplace is extremely low as long as there is an adequate supply of fresh air and ventilation.You can continue using most types of air conditioning system as normal. But, if you use a centralised ventilations system that removes and circulates air to different rooms it is recommended that you turn off recirculation and use a fresh air supply."

BESA (Building Engineering Services Association)

       What are BESA saying?

"Recent newspaper stories have been widely circulated suggesting that research has suggested that “the coronavirus could be spread by air conditioning systems”. As with many stories like this in the media, a degree of caution should be taken with regard to the veracity or accuracy of the statements made."

"Any airborne contaminants can be minimised, if not eliminated, by proper and effective filtration and regular cleaning and maintenance of ventilation systems. A clean ventilation system is an essential part of a healthy building and it is essential that any ventilation system serving a building where confirmed cases have been diagnosed are sanitised in accordance with best practice, and that any buildings where no cases have been confirmed have their ventilation system cleaned to industry best practice as a preventative measure during this time and on-going."
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