10 Home Air Conditioning Perks You Probably Hadn't Considered..

If you thought televisions had come a long way in the past 10 years then you're right, but Air Conditioning systems may also give you a surprise..

1. Healthy Clean Air

Using air purification filters, many systems trap tiny airborne dust particles, break down nasty odours, and absorb organic contaminants from your home, such as bacteria and viruses. Unlike fans that simply shift air around, air conditioning systems clean stagnant air - meaning less pollutants and irritants - great news for allergy or asthma sufferers!

2. Add £££ To Your Home Value

As it becomes increasingly popular in the UK, air conditioning is a good way to improve your home’s estimation in the mind of a potential buyer if you decide to sell or rent in the future. You may even recover the costs fully, making it a great investment for your comfort in the short term, and a wise investment for your pocket in the long term!

3. Sleek, Elegant, Designs

Don’t fret over bringing an invasive AC unit into your home. Systems now come in a wide variety of styles and colours, most of which take up very little space and are finished with a sleek aesthetic to blend in with, or even compliment your home. Pictured below is the Daiken 'Stylish' range'.

4. Lowest Costs Ever, Higher Efficiency, Less Energy Use  

Simply put, units now do MORE with LESS. Thanks to innovations in fan design, clever sensors to optimise performance, and the introduction of the more earth-friendly R32 refrigerant, many units boast an A+++ efficiency rating. On top of this, it’s never been easier to control your usage. With the ability to monitor energy consumption, set heating/cooling schedules, and make use of eco-friendly power modes/settings.

More ways to get the most out of your system include:

- Getting the correct unit size for the room.
- Keeping windows and doors shut whilst AC is in use.
- Keeping the units in good condition (your engineer will help you with this).

5. New Modern Features

Most units come with an easy-to-use smartphone app, so you can control operating modes/settings, create custom usage schedules, and even monitor the unit's energy consumption, all through the internet. And if you don't have a smart-phone, you can just use the remote. Some units have infra-red sensors to direct air to areas in the room that need it, and some can even avoid unwanted draughts by directing air flow away from people!

6. Better Sleep

We all know the pain of trying to get to sleep in a hot room. Air conditioning prevents you from tossing and turning by cooling your room before bed, or by maintaining a stable temperature throughout the night. Most units have a night mode that decreases its power consumption and reduces the sound output to barely audible levels 19dB(A), that's almost twice as quiet as a human whisper - so you can sleep deeply with no interruptions!

7. Increased Productivity

If you have a home office, or you sometimes find yourself working from home, then air conditioning can help you create a cool and distraction free environment where you can tap into your full brainpower. No need to leave open windows or rely on a noisy fan. Studies show that the best temperature for productivity is 21-22 degrees!

8. A Secure Home

Air conditioning removes the need to leave doors and windows open in an effort to cool and freshen your home. With air conditioning you can leave your home safe and secure for hours, returning later to your preferred indoor temperature. Keeping your home secure also has the additional benefit of keeping out dust and insects!

9. 5+ Year Warranties

Because of their high build quality, units from manufacturers like Daikin, Toshiba & Mitsubishi come with a minimum warranty of up to 5 years. As a D1 partner, Daikin units from ProtoCool come with an even longer warranty of 7 years! To be eligible for these warranties you just need to get your system serviced by a professional typically once per year, this is a simple and inexpensive procedure which keeps the system functioning efficiently and effectively.

10. Reduced Humidity

Comfort is about more than air quality and temperature, it’s also about humidity. A good air conditioning unit finds the right balance between humidity and air temperature. Removing excess moisture from the air has the added benefit of protecting your home and its contents from damage resulting from a moist environment i.e. mould.


If you're looking for a solution to make your home cleaner & healthier, more valuable, more modern, secure, less humid and of course, a STABLE temperature all year round- then there's never been a wiser time to invest in air conditioning!

Installations start from £1250 per room + VAT, if you'd like to receive a free installation quote, simply call us on 0118 449 2007 or contact us via our enquiry form, and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements. Installations are fuss-free and are typically completed in a day.

If you want to see some of our most popular units, head to our brands page where you can find more information and brochures. To view some of our previous projects, head to our case studies page.

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